Still remember the XPT file limitations? Variable names confined to 8 characters, labels capped at 40, and data restricted to 200? If you’re curious about merging metadata with data, like utilizing Define-XML / Define-JSON, we’ve got some exhilarating news for you!

CDISC and PHUSE are elated to introduce an extraordinary pilot project! 🚀 This initiative is poised to redefine our approach to regulatory submissions. Say hello to Dataset-JSON—an ingenious alternative transport format, strategically crafted to drive the industry forward. 📚Source: CDISC: Dataset-JSON []

This marks the long-awaited innovation, addressing the dynamic demands of our field. As we embark on this transformative journey, we’ll keep you updated on implementation and advancements. The era of seamless data exchange has arrived, and we’re wholeheartedly embracing it.

Huge thanks to Lex Jansen for sharing the information and we also recommended to our followers the PharmaSUG 2022 Paper of Lex: 📃Working with Dataset-JSON using SAS []

We at TUNECT CRO didn’t forgot about R-users as well and we have some recourses recommended for reading:

📃 JSON Data in R by Peng Li [] 📑A Simple and Robust JSON Parser and Generator for R []

Additionally, we want to mention the CDISC Open-Source Alliance (COSA) Hackathon in the Fall of 2022 [], where numerous interesting tools in #R, #Python, #SAS, and others were created, tested, and presented as proof of concepts.

You should check Hackathon presentation
– Dataset-JSON works:
• As a general data exchange
• As a general dataset format
• For use with web-based APIs
• Works with a wide-range of programming languages and technology stack
• Simple to process
• Easy to transform into SAS datasets, R or Python dataframes, and CSV
– Dataset-JSON file sizes are smaller than SAS XPORT v5 and Dataset-XML
– Dataset-JSON is row-based – typically transformed into datasets for analysis
– JSON is a language, platform independent data exchange format

Let’s forge a path towards a more streamlined and collaborative phase in regulatory submissions! 📊🔬