Coincidentally, Alex Rosis began working with us a few days prior to Christmas. It’s a pleasure to have you here this year. A strong business development department is one of the most significant components of the team. We proudly work with such a professional!

We have asked Alex to share his experience and would like to open a section in which we will represent TUNECT professionals.

Q: Please tell us about the challenges faced by Business Development over the last several years.

Business Development provides a continuous connection from the company with customers, and sometimes with the entire outside world. And the changes in the external business community over the past three years have been significant, even dramatic.

In this turbulent world, only one thesis becomes permanent: “there is nothing permanent in the world.”
So, change has become a constant for me.

And all professionals and corporations need to be prepared for the rapidly changing realities of this world. Three years ago, the main challenge was to realize that the system, models and patterns built around the world before COVID-19 required a complete overhaul. The world of COVID-19 is a time of severe shortage of proven approaches in business development.

We are now entering a post-COVID world, where there is a little bit more constancy than during acute COVID. but there is no longer any stability, as there was before the pandemic.

Now, even though restrictions have been eased, you need to stay on top, you need to learn to be flexible. At the same time not to lose your uniqueness, that fragile thing that makes a company competitive and a professional success.

Shortening the time frame for sales planning was also a problem. Previously, we could forecast several years in advance. At present, external factors have become so complex and dynamic that it is really a matter of planning quarters. Longer plans are more like a desire for stability, and often external factors change to such an extent that a completely new plan must be formulated.

That’s the essence of the new world of flexibility that we’re going to live in.

Q: What is a key to successfully working with clients?

In this age of change, one of the most important aspects of customer service is loyalty. That means working with the client to improve the quality and quantity of services provided and this is only possible in one instance – when we do not see the difference between the customer and us, do not pursue the momentary profit, integrate our business with the client’s business in the way the client’s business was our own.

This approach allows you to create confidence, and it is the key to a stable, sustainable and long-term success.

It’s the TUNECT way.